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Harrisonburg, Virginia
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2017 Membership Drive Meeting for current members and those interested in Joining! 
February 25th at 7 PM in the John C. Wells Planetarium
J.M.U. in Harrisonburg, Va.
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Iridium Flares
To find out if a Flare is Visible at your location,
Go to: and do a
select location for your area !

International Space Station Visible Passes
Good for the Shenandoah Valley area
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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

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Photo by: Frank Marks -
Flame and Horsehead Nebulas

 On-Line Guide to Light Pollution Click Here 

Exoplanets for Amateur Astronomers
in Power Point, click Here


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Mission Statement

The Shenandoah Valley Stargazers (SVS) provides educational and observational opportunities for its members and other residents of the Shenandoah Valley interested in astronomy.

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